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                Analysis of Zhongshan line lamp why it should pay attention to the efficiency of light source

                2020-04-11 596

                  The primary purpose of LED line lights is to change the image of the hotel at night, so that the building can be reshaped and reconstructed at night, reflecting the charm and characteristics that can not be reflected in the day, so as to attract more tourists.

                  1, power

                  We pay attention to the power of lighting. We do things carefully, but also seek high power. The light source in the LED line lamp needs to choose professional lamps. Different from the ordinary light source, it is necessary to burn tungsten wire to high temperature to light, forming a lot of electric energy to be consumed in the way of heat energy. Therefore, with the same amount of electric energy, the LED line lamp has a higher brightness. Together, we should pay attention to the power of the light source.

                  2, environment

                  Environment in detail refers to the environment in which the lamps are used, all-weather use, not affected by any climate, whether it's rainy or sunny, winter or summer, normal operation can be achieved, and there are requirements for cold resistance, high temperature resistance and waterproof type in the LED line lamp brand, which must meet the user's all-weather use.

                  3, energy consumption


                  This refers to the power consumption. The brand of LED line light is also developing in the direction of LED. The LED products used have the characteristics of high brightness and low energy consumption. The manufacturing technology of many light sources and the technical level page of related parts are constantly improving. The use of new electrodes and new electronic transformers greatly reduces the power consumption.

                  4. Time of use

                  In the long use time, the products in the hotel lighting have been updated for more than ten years, and the service life has also been continuously improved. Generally, the service life of LED line lamp brand products is 3-5 years. According to the time of operation every day, the time of use is also different. Generally, the light source works between 7:00-12:00 in the evening, 4-5 hours a day.

                  5, role

                  LED line light brand can have a variety of shapes and ways. In the hotel lighting design, there are dynamic, dynamic combination, flowing water, a little light. There are many ways and functions. But in the final analysis is how to reflect the building itself and convey the owner's mind.

                  6, economy

                  Economy is about saving money. The lamp and dynamic light-emitting scanning tube are composed of seven kinds of color scanning, which can be set as beat scanning, gradual scanning and mixed color changing. Less investment, strong role, economic and practical advertising. Great flexibility.

                  Article source: Zhongshan line lamp http://www.nechinc.com/

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