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Facebook Marketing Services can help you effectively explore all the target customers who matter the most to your business. Expand your Social Media Presence with none other than NechInc.



These are all good reasons to use Facebook Marketing Services to boost your business goals.


Reach Wide Audience

Facebook Marketing Services can help you to reach huge amount of people to deliver your products.


Alignment with Both B2C & B2B

B2B marketing focuses on building long-term personal relationships. B2C marketing, on the other hand, focuses on a transactional relationship with the consumer.


Full-Funnel Targeting with Multiple Form of Engagement

We approach full-funnel marketing to begin at the top of the funnel by casting a wide net to capture as many leads as possible.


Competitor Targeting

We analyze the competitors social media, also get to know their loyal customers and target competitor's customers with ads.


Variety of Ad Formats

In Facebook Marketing Services there are different ads formats: Images ads, Carousel Ads, Products ads, Collection ads.


Drive Traffic Directly to Your Site

If your ad will be more compelling and targeting which is the most relevant aspect of Facebook Marketing the ad will be sufficiently exciting for the users to leave Facebook and reach your website.

Get your Facebook Marketing Services & reach your targeted customers with NechInc.

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Our process for Facebook marketing Services

We go through various steps by working on your Facebook Marketing Project.


Analyze your current Facebook Page

The very first page of the process is to check all your insights of your Facebook Page. Due to which we can plan our Facebook Marketing Strategies.


Set goals for your Facebook Marketing

The second step for any marketing strategy is to set the goals for the business. These goals and objectives will be important to measure against to make sure that our Facebook Marketing Strategy is working or not.


Know your Facebook Audience

Knowing the Facebook Target Audience for your business is very important through which we can determine the Facebook Marketing Strategies for you.


Planning & Strategizing

After checking all the aspects of your Target Audience, we then make our strategy to gain more engagement on your Facebook page.


Implementation & Execution

Once the planning & strategizing stage completed we move forward to implement the strategies as per the business plan.


Tracking Record

After the executing, our team will record all the strategies and will look into the insights and analytics of a particular campaign.



After completing all the steps mentioned above, we will remarket with the help of collected data of all the customers.

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We offer SEO services across multiple cities.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about SEO Services.

Facebook Marketing is the practice of promoting a company's or brand's presence on Facebook. It can assist businesses in increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and selling more products or services.

The types of Facebook Marketing includes Image Ads, Video Ads, Instant Experience Ads, Poll Ads, Carousel Ads, Slideshow Ads, Collection Ads, Lead Ads, Dynamic Ads, Messenger Ads and Story Ads.

Facebook Marketing helps in driving traffic from active users, ads are easily customizable, ads campaigns are easy to set up, you can get faster results and it is also budget-friendly.

We will assist you in developing a Facebook Ads Strategy, we are constantly working to improve your conversion rate, we help in portraying the essence of your brand, facebook ads optimization and tracking and reporting the ad performance.

Facebook exposes your company to the largest possible audience and provides the most comprehensive set of business tools. Facebook's business tools assist you in developing your online brand, connecting with customers and potential employees, and increasing overall productivity.

Facebook optimization is an excellent way to generate high-quality backlinks to your website. When authority sites link to or share your content, Google receives trust signals about the reputation and value of your website.

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